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On Friday, June 30th, Ken completed his journey back to God.
Grace and peace to all who enter.  Come, remember, celebrate and be blessed!


Over the course of a lifetime, Ken has worn several hats at the same time: husband, father, Pastor, mentor, certified marriage and family counselor, published author and recognized speaker.  He also answers to many names: son, dad, pa-pa, poops (short for poopsie), slim, baldie, and Zelda.  (You'll have to ask Karen about "Zelda.")  However, he always answers to P.K. or Pastor Ken.....
One Sunday morning, following worship services at First English Lutheran Church in Platteville, Wisconsin, Ken was downstairs in the fellowship hall, greeting and visiting.
His youngest daughter, Karin, who was about four at the time, had something she needed, so she pulled on his pants leg and said, "Dad."  Ken looked down, patted her on the head and said "in just a minute, Karin."
4-year-olds have little comprehension of "just a minute."  So, about 15 seconds later, she again pulled on his pants leg and called out to him..."Dad."  And, again, she got a reassuring smile and pat on the head.
Nearly every head turned however, when above all the noise and din of fellowship hour, Karin yelled out in a bold and very loud voice, "PASTOR KEN!!"  It worked!
>>>>>>>>>>     <<<<<<<<<<
On the other hand, I also know of several Bible Camp Managers, quite a few Pastors, and a couple of Bishops, who would refer to Ken as lunatic, fanatic, looney-toons, certifiable, or a royal pain in the * * *.
Love him or hate him, one way or another, Ken leaves a lasting impression on all he meets.  It's nearly impossible to meet Ken and walk away with a feeling of indifference!
If there was a single word I could use to describe his life and ministry, I'd have to go with "passion."  In everything he does, from time with family and friends, to shepherding a congregation; from youth and camping ministry to writing, or simply playing ping-pong or racquetball, his focus and passion burns through.
It is Ken's fierce loyalty and unwavering faith which sets him a part.  Through the years, many (and I do mean many), have found him to be difficult, even impossible to work with because he would not give in, would not compromise when it came to Scriptural truth, or to our summer Bible Camp program and staff.  Dale Young illustrates it this way.....

Ken Negotiages For Summer Camp
By Pastor Dale A. Young
I had the privilege of going with Ken on a couple of trips to visit camp directors, pre-season, to negotiate a deal with the camp (Indian Sands or Asbury Acres).  Apparently Ken had a reputation that prepared the way for him; the camp directors didn't know exactly how to respond...
They were lucky if they could lure 40 to 60 kids for a week of camp.  Ken could go in and negotiate for a minimum of 125 kids, plus at least 25 staff.
The camp director, every time, would say, "But we have our own staff."
To that, Ken would say, "Give them a vacation that week.  All we need are your cooks, maintenance and life-guards."
The camp director would ask, "And what about the program?  We have a program for the week."
And Ken would inform them that he didn't need their program; he would bring his own program and program staff.  You can imagine the face of the camp director: perplexed, clueless, doubtful, threatened?
So...the camp director would ask:  "What kind of program to you have?"
And Ken would answer with one word.  "Jesus."

Arts 'N Crafts From Asbury Acres
This plaque is typical of the Jesus-focused spirit throughout our camping program


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Although this site is published, it remains under construction, as photos, stories and sharing continues to come in.  Please, check back often for new additions, and if you haven't done so already, how about sharing something yourself?  Thanks, and blessings to ya!

"All of you, in some way, have added a great deal to our life's journey. Karen and I are forever grateful and humbled by your friendship. Because we have known and been loved by all of you, our life will never be the same." (Dedication page, "Life Is A Journey Back To God," by: Pastor Kenneth Merckx)